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    A very VERY special pop up! A small series of work by Shrine Gill, my mother!

    To know my mom is to love her! She has always been "one to follow" even before social media was a thing! Effortlessly chic and always with flawless taste, my sister and I grew up surrounded by her creativity and watching her follow where her creative eye led her. Her love of color and antique textiles is where mine began! I remember dressing up in her extensive collection of Persian textiles that were the mix of the most beautiful bright colors! 

    A born photographer! For as long as I can remember her camera was never far from her! Rolls of film, contact sheets, negatives and the dark room! All part of many childhood memories!

    Over the Holidays, I convinced her to let me host a pop up for a series of her work that I have ALWAYS loved sooo much! And to my surprise, she agreed! This is a full circle moment for me! Giving honor to the woman that nurtured and fostered my own creativity! And while I didn't do anything other than curate the offerings, it feels really fun to be able to collaborate with my mom in this way!  So Excited to offer y

    Meet the Artist...

    Screenshot 2023-05-05 at 9.21.46 AM.png

    " Walt Whitman’s quote,’Resist much.obey little’ is my motto in life and in art. My approach to work is intuitive and experiential rather than theoretical. My method of art making is not premeditated. Impassioned by visual suggestions in my mind, the real creative task is to bring these images to the surface. Like fishing, I catch the fish, but I do not make the fish.

          My art is about the discovery of the unseen and the possible. My subjects are abstract, using light, color, textiles, glass and paper. The created images are independent of visual references to the outside world, both allowing and resisting definition.

         In my process accidents are welcome. Chance is a collaborator. The results of my experiments are unknown until the end. I am unable to recreate the same image twice.

         Key to my process is intentional camera movement. With very slow shutter speed, I catch the interaction of light with the materials I choose.The use of movement allows the colors to bleed into one another, creating painterly and impressionistic images, obliterating the boundaries between photography and painting.This work intends to enhance  perception and challenge the very faculty of seeing.

         Digital photography has facilitated experimentation, allowing me access to new photographic terrain .The ease of production creates a multiplicity of images.This makes the task of editing very laborious, but this then becomes another step in the creative process. One has to become a brutal editor in order to identify the most compelling image and avoid the pitfalls of repetitious images.

          I wish in the end to create art that appears effortless and spontaneous, using playfulness and the musicality of color to create images of ineffable mystery and explosive beauty."

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